Don’t Miss It!

June 8th, 2012

Take It All In

Today, the spring quarter ends as does the quarter system at The Ohio State University. Graduation is Sunday. For me, summer begins Monday. I love summer. I love everything about summer. I love the deep green leaves. the brilliant colors of flowers, and the heat from the noon day sun. I love sipping iced tea sharing stories with a good friend, exercising and feeling the sweat gathering first in my hair and rolling down over my forehead into my eyes and down my cheeks. I love feeling my shirt clinging to my back as I exercise. I love watching the Red Sox and hearing the crash of Big Papi’s bat connect and send a ball over the centerfield wall. I hold on tightly to the hope they will be in the pennant chance in September. I love fresh salads filled with garden grown tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, and peppers. I love the cool feel of the water in the pool or the waves lapping at my feet on the seashore. I love hiking in Rockies and listening to the wind in the pines, taking in the smells of dried straw, and hearing cicadas sing to me. It’s all good. I promise myself not to miss one second of summer. Once the summer of 2012 is gone, it is gone forever. Enjoy each second. Don’t blink, you might miss it. It’s the same with life.


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