Ray’s Recent Research

Recent Published Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture Using an Appreciative Inquiry 4-D Cycle. Organization Management Journal

10:3, 196-207

.An Appreciative Inquiry into an Urban Drug Court: Cultural Transformation. The Qualitative Report. 18(2)

Web 2.0 Integration into the Graduate Classroom: An appreciative inquiry approach

Empowering At-Risk Students Through Appreciative Inquiry

Using Appreciative Inquiry to Create a Sustainable Rural School District and Community

An Appreciative Inquiry into the Circle of Friends

Power of the AI 4-D Cycle

Special Education Teacher Retention

An Appreciative Inquiry into a Low Performing Urban High School

An Appreciative Inquiry into Educational Administration Doctoral Programs

Building Social Capital Through the use of an Appreciative Inquiry Theoretical Perspective

Teachers Struggling with Professional Development in an Urban Middle School

Learning to Appreciate At Risk Students

Emerging Technologies in Global Communication

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